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well hey, just my opinion and my defense for my ideal version of part two

I see how you can point it out, but being EU, its can go anywhere. I just think doing the whole Clone creation -> geonosis -> blah blah blah -> order 66 ->imperialism type deal has already been done with Battlefront 2. Its a little lame doing it with such a great storyline and someone pointed out doing good deeds and then doing bad deeds is a little lame. That just made the squad, i dont know, less human and more puppet i guess? They arent lame superheroes with swords made out of light but they are heroes because they care about each other. Theyre VOD and throughout the game thats what it really came down to.

I would actually save a loved one to doom the universe. Not because i need that person, but because that person means everything to me. I am a bit on the romantic side so that defeats its purpose :P

TK, have you read the spinoff series about Omega Squad? Hard Contact and Triple Zero? If you havent, read it and youll view clones as something else. Not a bunch of test tube babies. if you have, kudos for not caring as much. That or ive just had too much republic commando. I am a mandalorian warrior after all
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