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Hey there Kurgan!

Well, I have come and gone from the JediKnight.Net network on and off since 1998. I started out as just an erstwhile person who submitted at least 1 file for the old gang (a Qu Rahn skin based on a model in a map for Jedi Knight that I had accidently fixed; it was messed up in the actual map; I think I submitted it under my real name but I'm not sure); and also posted back in May 1998 about the actor who played Rahn in the cutscenes of JK and also made a mention about the then 15th anniversary of Return Of The Jedi. Anyways, Kurgan, my old e-mail sig was, named after my Calico cat, Muffin, which I still have; so, if you were around here at that time, that was me. Now, I did get in touch with you a few years ago about that old Kyle's Backpack file for JK, and I'm not quite sure, I think I was either YODA or jedianakin something or another, it was a few years ago when you guys had the older BB system, but yeah, I have been coming around here a long time, so I guess you can call me one of the "old-timers". Yeah, I used to check out all of the old sites in the network, even the ones that aren't around anymore (I'm like you, I miss Hyperview too. I loved that page. Great reviews, pics of the levels and everything). Somehow, I just happened to remember a lot of the old sites (of course, checking the archives helped too with some I maybe didn't quite remember offhand). You know, Kurgan, I actually was reading the old news pages and saw the post about those taunt packs and such you made back in the day and I said "Hey! This is Kurgan's stuff!"
Well, enough ranting. It was good catching up on all of these old memories so far here. It's sad how JK has all but almost disappeared from people's minds. These days, I think JA is played more than anything, but I still remember the days of downloading that latest Single Player level or that great new skin or weapon mod. I miss that.
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