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Assault Scenario

You have been tasked with the elimination of a rebel presence above Kuat. You have been provided a modest fleet with which to accomplish your goal.

Your Fleet (Imperial) consists of:

1 Imperial Star Destroyer
3 Victory Star Destroyer's
6 Tartan Patrol Cruiser's
1 Broadside (Missile Frigate)
16 Acclamators

The Rebel Fleet consists of:

4 Mon Calamari Cruisers
5 Assault Frigates
4 Correlian Corvettes
2 Correllian Gunship
4 Nebulon B's
4 A - Wing squadrons

The rebels have a Level 1 Space Station in orbit.
All Rebel Forces must be eliminated or forced to retreat.

How would you handle this situation and which strategies would you use?

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