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Yep, I'm up to the brim with nostalgia for JK. What's funny though, is the editing renaissance really took several years to get going.

Remember all those HORRIBLE mods we had in the early days? I mean yeah, we were desperate for anything new, but all those reworkings of Canyon Oasis (that typically destroyed the atmospher or balance of that map), the random boxy rooms strewn with concussion rifles, the recolored skins that looked like they were done in about 5 minutes (Kyle with Sunglasses... give me a break!).

But still, we dreamt, and I cut me teeth making MMvSG, which looks extremely silly in hindsight (but I fully acknowledge this while making it, it was always "tongue in cheek" but quality wise it is blown away by later efforts of skinning). The JKhub stuff is extremely amazing. I mean it doesn't even look like JK anymore, it looks more like "Unreal" or something. Vastly improved, and amazing people are still plugging away, despite the much smaller community.

In terms of coding, a lot of stuff has been done with JA, but in terms of new artwork, it seems JK/MotS have improved a lot more than the modern games have. JK/MotS really got a huge shot in the arm from Episode I since Obi-Wan ended up NOT being a PC game, much less one we could edit (much less something worth playing), and so that forced people to make their "Prequel content" for our games instead. And so it goes.

I think I remember that Rahn skin thing. Was that the short SP map where you played Rahn and had to fight the Dark Jedi from the opening cutscene and see if you could "change history" by surviving? Yet the author forgot to put in the replacement skin so you were just "default texture man."

The Kyle with backpack was simple, yet cool. "New Models" at the time were pretty rare.

Yeah, most of my projects were just tweaks of existing stuff. I made those taunt packs (but I'm not sure if they completely work now, because I worked on them a lot later and may have accidentally used windows sound recorder for the updated versions, which is a huge no-no for MotS taunts, but they might work after all I don't know, it's tough because you only hear them on the other end if the person has the same taunts), Manowars SE (a repack of Manowars 1 as a single gob), GobBFP2 (which later became BFP2X: both repacks of Big Fluffy Pack 2 in gob format, and fixes), GooBFP2 (same, for MotS), Al MacDonald's Star Wars Skinpack (big collection of all his SW skin except the "final" versions of his Episode II skins... mine just had the first or second versions of those he released, including a dark skinned Jango Fett in white armor and a more adult looking Anakin) and Al MacDonald's Movie Skinpack, MMvSG Core (just the skins and taunts and menu screens and a few misc sounds and sabers, no actual levels though I had long planned to do some, oh well), a map I created and shared with only one or two people (it kinda sucked), and the "double saber" which just replaced the saber handle with a blaster bolt 3do, so it looked kinda like a double bladed lightsaber, at least from far away.

I loved how you could edit your files so you could use any texture as a saber mat, that was fun. Some people found some awesome or strange looking ones.

Anyway, good to have you around. I am going to see if I can find a quick game before bedtime. If not, I'll mess around with Rbots in MotS some perhaps.

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