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No, no. You seem not to understand. Zoom's living in a part of our dimension where time is not of importance. Santa must've send that skink, a putative innocent and harmless creature, to infiltrate and entamer my little fluffy friend and to capture his home. Why? Because he *is* the easter bunny, given pure wisdom and the omnipotent power of friendship!! He *must* be in real danger and thus is hiding in his secret room behind the fridge, wrapped up in thin foil, otherwise he would, without doubt, have send Wally the space dolphin with a ciphered message to call for help.

This is his last appearance, it's still unclear if there's already some coded message to be found in it:


Wally the space dolphin has been caught completely unprepared for a contingency plan B since he was supposed to deal with plans E and S, and vaguely recalls a nervous looking eskimo man at the conference meeting who was supposed to be the plan B guy. Wally says get off his back--he's just a mid-level manager, and is really the most powerless guy in the whole structure with bosses above and below, not one of whom had the merest flicker of insight that he--a space dolphin--who was thoroughly trained and briefed in preparation for two other plans, would be expected to deliver the goods to an auditorium full of stern shareholders who fully intended to hear from him the details of plan freaking B. So:

Plan B: What do you want from me? I'm a space dolphin!

Plan E: Switch Laura Bush with Jane Fonda in the middle of the night and take pictures of the surprised president's face the next morning.

Plan S: Tweak the laws of fluid dynamics so that water will run uphill.

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