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OK, I think I found the old "make a mod" directions, but I dont know what many of the directions mean. how do I do the following:

2. Set the "game" project as the active project.

8. Set your configuration to Final and perform a "Build Solution" command to build a DLL for the game.

1. compile the dll as noted above
This produces a 'jampgamex86.dll' in the codemp\Final\ path.

3. Zip 'jampgamex86.dll' to TestMod.pk3

Question: After I create a new jampgames86.dll, can I just replace one of them in my existing Enhanced folder to make it work or will a pk3 of this override the existing ones? If I have to replace one, which one? Hopefully this will be the end of my questions on this, but this literal mod creating stuff is very new to me when it comes to code.


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