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I've found out a few more things about behavEd and know I know you can basically almost create new AI with it. For example I could never seem to figure out how to get gun using cultist to jump and use force powers but I saw a folder named scripts that had a script named cultist_jump. But I have a problem. BehavEd only uses .icarus files while all the game scripts are in .ibi format which is a problem. Also, I'm really tired of how much damage punches do when npcs do them. Each punch does 20-30 damage while the blaster pistol does around 10 damage and the rifle 20 damage. I know Raven probably did it that way to simulate gran punches hurting a lot because of their big hands mainly because thats the only melee using npc Raven made that actually punches. But after seeing the movies and playing some other star wars games Gran hands are no where near that big. In some games they were kind of small. Also how do you get npcs to use scripts without map editing because I can not map edit.

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