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1012) When you get the logo engraved onto your back.
1013) When you invite all your friends over, like a Super Bowl event, and you play through a game on widescreen.
1014) When you name your first child 'Revan', and then your second child 'Exile'.
1015) When you get a bumper sticker that says, "Visas' Onramp or Bust."
1016) You have your girlfriend change her name to Mira.
1017) You believe you can use Force powers to get an extension on a due essay.
1018) You believe you can use Force power to cut in line at Disney Land/World.
1019) You go to court to fight a speeding ticket, and you negotiate as if the judge was a Huttese.
1020) You believe your ride-along lawnmower is the Ebon Hawk.
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