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Post Battle of Taanab

“Someone must’ve heard about my little maneuver at the Battle of Taanab” – Lando, ROTJ

Map Name: Battle of Taanab (Surface)
Ground or Space: Ground
Players: 4v4
Life forms: Humans
Special features:

- Realistic mining. This is a world that has been ravaged by pirate mining, and it shows.

- Unique design elements make scouting and creative strategy vital. You may find the old tried and true strategies don’t apply very well on this map. Are you up to the challenge?

This traquil agrarian world had been ravaged by pirate mining until a man named Lando Calrissian drove them off and established a brewery on the surface. Unfortunately the Empire has shown up to enforce its will on the people of this docile world. Somehow Lando has conned a group of Rebels into protecting this planet... not to mention his business interests as well.

Map Name: Battle of Taanab (Orbit)
Ground or Space: Space
Players: 4v4 (but is a medium sized map which works best with 2v2)
Background/History: See above.

All comments welcome. Voting for the map contest is being done on

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