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Originally Posted by Kurgan
I mean, the prequels should spin their own story and "fit" based on their own sequence, he shouldn't have to tweak the old movies to "fit" right?).
Well, easily said, but if you do any writing (and a lot of us on this board do, I would wager) you must know the permanent dissatisfaction most writers have with a finished work.

When a person looks back on a finished work, they always see flaws, think of improvements they'd like to make, or things that one would change in hindsight for consistency's sake. Lucas was in the position to say, "If I'd known I'd do this or that in Ep.III, I'd have done this in Ep.VI... wait a minute, I CAN do that."

I understand the nostalgia of it all, but I also understand how Lucas would see the saga as a whole in his own heart and mind and would want to do his best to make it as cohesive as he could.

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