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The Jedi Martial Arts Mod (melee)

I've always thought the melee system with fists was kind of lacking, even with all the grapples and punches and kickes. On I saw the highspeed melee mods and I thought they were pretty cool. I got permission from the author to use some of his work. This mod is going to be the ultimate melee mod combined with some other mods. Here are some of the features it will have (all of the features work in SP):

-A new melee stance
-New more realistic punch animations
-New kick animations
-New visual melee effects
-New sounds
-Faster punching (basically what you would consider Jaden's maximum ability)
-The ability to do a flurry of punches at a fast but realistic speed
-Jaden and others now also kick at their maximum ability (speed-wise)
-New easier ways to do split kicks, spin kickes and flip kickes
-All the sabers that don't allow you to do kickes (single and duals) will have modified katas that are exactly the same except will have kickes on the end like the strong kata will have a spin kick on the end and fast style a split kick
-A new melee ammo system with which you start with 300 ammo and each punch takes 2 ammo and when you reach 0 Jaden can still punch but not nearly as fast which simulates him being tired
-The ability to do cartwheels instead of butterflys to the left and right woth the staff (because of the way the animation is coded though if the cartwheel might do damage if it touches somebody
-The ability to do cartwheels with melee instead of doing jump side kicks
-The ability to do spin kicks in midair by replacing the jump back kick
-Faster melee katas that send enemies flying back even farther than normal
-An improved split kick animation
-Faster melee katas that send enemies flying even farther
-Some sort of way to put your hands down at ease and then out them back up
-In the .pk3 I'll include a small guide to melee fighting and force power using with some tips, tricks and secrets some of you may not know

Those are most of the things I'm hoping to put in it of course on the final release there could be more features or less depending on if I think of more ideas or if I can't get some things done. Eventually I will release a v2 that works better with MP and that is compatible with the JA+ mod. I'm mostly making this mod for SP but it will definately change some things in MP. I also hope to add some saber like melee styles where your character has glowing hands. Any help and support appreciated. Could someone also take a look at my topic in General Editing because no one has replied to it and I need some help.

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