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Chapter 12: The Rescue

"Get into these compartments, people." Ordered Han, "We can hide here." Everyone hid into the compartments of the Millenuim Falcon. They heard the footsteps of the Imperial Troops, until it stopped. "The ship's all yours gentlement." Some Imperial workers brought some equipment on the ship but fell flat on the ground, to Luke and Bastila's sabers. "Hey down there." yelled Han, "Could you give us a hand?" he asked. The Storm Troopers that were previously on the ship walked back up the loading ramp answering his call, but they fell dead to Han's blaster. "TK-421, what's your status?" asked an officer, "TK-421, do you copy?" A Storm Trooper walked out of the loading ramp and tapped his helmet. "Can I get assistance down here? We've got a blown speaker." The man opened the door and there stood Chewie, who quickly killed him.

"I must go and disable the tractor beam, so we can leave. I will go alone." told Bastila.
"I want to go with you." said Luke.
"An- err... Vader is too much for you, you will fight very bravely but die very quickly, to avenge for the crimes he has commited." explained Bastila.
"Okay" Luke obeyed. Bastila closed the door behind her.
"I don't want to wait here to be captured, I want back to my ship." complained Han.
"He's saying that he has found Leia." explained 3PO.
"Where is she?" asked Luke.
"Beep whistle *farting sound* beep whistle (Level 5, in the detention centre numbnuts, where else?)"
"We got to go find her" ordered Luke.
"Count me out." complained Han.
"At first you didn't want to wait to be captured, but now all you want to do is stay?" asked Luke.
"Walking into the detention area is not what I had in mind." told Han.
"They're gonna do something to my sister." complained Luke.
"Better her, than me"
"Remember our agreement? You walk out now, you get no money." threatened Luke.
"Damnit, fine." obeyed Han.
"I need you to put some cuffs on Chewie here."
Han walked over to Chewie with some handcuffs, "Don't worry Chewie, I think I know what he has in mind."

Luke, Han and Chewie made their way to the detention centre to rescue Leia. But they weren't welcomed gladly with Chewie. "I was not aware of this transfer, I'm going to confirm it." told the officer. Luke ignited his saber and started killing the men. When he killed the last one, he took his sister's saber from his belt. The Alarm had already gone off and Han was the first one there. "What's your situation up there?" asked an officer.
"Uhh... everything's fine situation normal, we're fine, we're all fine... How are you?" asked Han.
"We're sending a squad up." told the officer.
"Uhh... negative, negative, we have a large reactor leak, very dangerous, give us some time to surpress it." told Han.
"Who is this? What's your operating number?" asked the officer. Han grabbed a gun but didn't shoot when he heard Luke say: "Make something up."
"Uhh... 925-026-7153." told Han.
"We'll leave you to the reactor leak." told the officer.

Luke made his way to Leia's cell where Luke was happy to sense her alive. Luke opened the door. "Aren't you a little short for a Stormtrooper?" asked Leia.
"Damn straight." told Luke as he removed his helmet.
"LUKE! I thought you were dead." said Leia in glee as she ran to hug him.
"The new Jedi won't die so easy, here's your weapon." replied Luke as he gave his sister her yellow blade. Luke and Leia met Han in the hallway, "Wha'd you say?" asked Luke.
"They think we're a clean up crew." replied Han.
"Good, now we have to find a way to get out of here." told Leia.
"Hello, gorgeous... I'm Han Solo." said Han, introducing himself to Leia.
"And I am Leia." replied Leia with a smile on her face.
"Leia, I am going to put these cuffs on you so it makes it look like we are doing a prisoner transfer." explained Luke.
"Okay, where to now?" asked Leia as Luke cuffed her.
"To his ship." replied Luke "We have to meet with Bastila."
"That's good news." replied Leia.

Luke and the others walked the Death Star trying to get back to the hangar, Bastila trying to dis-engage the tractorbeam, with Anakin looking for them all. Bastila found a power room and shimmied over to the controls. She lowered the power and disabled the tractorbeam. Then started making her way to the Millenium Falcon. Everyone eventually were reunited in the hangaer. "Bastila, well aren't you a sight for sore eyes." told Leia.
"It is good to see you too Leia." replied Bastila.
"We have to get back on the ship" complained Han.
"Quit complaining, leave that to the Jedi." told Luke. Luke, Leia and Bastila ignited their sabers and started killing the Stormtroopers one by one until there were none left. Everyone made their way on the ship and Chewie got the engines fired up while Han and Luke took the turbo lazers to make sure no one would get on board. Anakin Skywalker himself tried to get on board, but the loading ramp closed before he could try. The Falcon took off with no worry of a tractor beam.

Unfortunately they were followed by a number of Tie-Fighters. Han and Luke got back on the turbo lazers, guns blazing. They killed off all the fighters until there were none left, and minimal damage was taken.

Stay tuned for my final chaper!

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