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1044. you spend 53 hours fixing a glitch so you can play a 30 hour game through
1045. you have no idea why you are posting and realize its futile
1046. you read all 1046 of these at 1:30 in the morning in a set of star wars footie pajamas
1047. you realize reading all 1047 of these is a waist of time when you could be modding or better yet playing through the game for your 15th time!
1048. korriban is your "happy place"
1049. your diet consists of captain crunch in chocolate milk and cheese its
1050. you think its an accomplishment that you actually got the 1050th post, if only to waste time.
1051. you own the c3p0/r2d2 star wars christmas special
1052. you have read the horrible episode 7,8,9 scripts but have sent 335 emails to george lucas telling him to make them anyways.
1053. you realize that no one cares about this thread anymore, but you still want it to reach 2000
1055. you have over 10 numbers on one thread
1056. you strive for twenty
1057. you waste more space than anything realizing these are unfunny, but all the good stuff was taken.
1058. (probably has been said) you wonder why darth Nihilus is capable of destroying entire planets, but couldn't even handle you.
1054. you realize that 1054 is 4 higher than 1055
1059. youve made servers to online games for the exclusive bonus of lightsaber mods(working on this one)
1060. you realize that you only have 4 posts to go and ive probably overdone whatever limit was set on numbers/person on one post, but i dont care seeing as id rather not post 4 threads of 5
1061. you own a talking darth vader bank that says "Impressive. Most impressive, but you are not a jedi yet" every time you put a coin in.
1062. you have waisted 18 numbers in a row
1063. you buy $350 worth of star wars minis just to get the entire kotor series of guys
1064. you realize your post is complete and someone will probably yell at me for making it so long.

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