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Immediatly after the hyperspace cinematic ended, I would send all available Acclamators to eliminate the corvettes. Remaining Acclamators will engage the rebels and destroy the laser cannons on the Nebulon-B's and Assault Frigates. Without any anti-starfighter defences (after swarming the A-Wings with TIE's) the Rebels will be at the mercy of my bombers. I would disable the fleet, leaving only the engines or shields intact. My Broadside as well as my bombers would then destroy the station. Once the destruction of the station is complete, My VSD's, as well as my ISD would destroy the disabled fleet. Any reinforcements the Rebels bring in will be quickly destroyed due to the post hyperspace shield weakness.

This would ensure victory while losing only 4-6 Acclamators (which by this point are hopelessly outdated).
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