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Remember how you said friendly team=whatever class you chose? Well it doesn't seem to make a difference. I'm not talking about boss behavoir either. You see I'm trying to make an npc called rebel_commander that uses melee and acts like a gran except is tougher and smarter ect. and the problem is no matter what I do he can't seem to act right. Here's my problem, the scenario is him and a gran in a fist fight, rather than constantly punching after doing one punch he'll whip around and face the opposite direction as if he was trying to dodge the attack (but of course he doesn't dodge it) and then after a second or two he'll decide to punch again then face another direction, basically he goes *punch, 1...2...3 punch, 1...2..3 punch. No matter what class he is are what stats he has he'll do this.

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