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Originally Posted by Princess Artems
I have a mod-in-progress that changes a custom .utc so that the Appearance_Type and PortraitId are added in from memory tokens, like so:
The memory tokens refer to new rows created in appearance.2da and portraits.2da. Installing it has always worked for me (I've had to uninstall and reinstall my K2 mods a few times, never had a problem with this), but for some reason, the .utc isn't being changed for some people, leaving them with the default appearance from the .utc in the tslpatchdata folder.
(Seems like the "New posts" feature of the forum doesn't work properly. I've completely overlooked this post earlier, sorry about that.)

Hmm, I haven't noticed any problems with files not being updated properly, so it's hard to tell what might be causing it. Which version of TSLPatcher do you use? Does it produce any error or warning messages in the log while installing, or does the error just happen "silently"?

Did the people for whom it didn't work properly have an already modified version of the UTC file in question in their override folder, or was it a "clean" addition in all cases?

How have you set things up in the configuration file? If it's not too large you could post it here and I'll have a look at it and see if I can spot anything that looks out of the ordinary.

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