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Final Chapter: The Battle of Yavin IV!

"Will you fight for us?" asked Leia.
"For you? Of course!" replied Han.
"Good, thank you so much." thanked Leia in glee. She stood up to leave the cockpit to meet Bastila and Luke, but before she left she kissed Han on the cheek. "Your welcome!" Han said to himself. Leia walked to the guest's quarters to Bastila being interrogated by Luke. "Did Vader kill my father?" Leia heard Luke ask. Leia gasped. "Yes Luke, I'm sorry to sat that he did." answered Bastila.
"Don't be sorry for telling me now, why didn't you tell me earlier?" Luke asked.
"Then your mind would be so concentrated on revenge, you would fall to the Dark Side." Bastila answered.
"I understand, master." said Luke with a sigh.
"I'm sorry." said Bastila. Leia began to weep, she ran to her room and started bawling. "We're coming up on Yavin IV" told Han. Luke and Leia ran to the loading ramp to meet their mother. The loading ramp lowered and Padme was waiting there. "MOM" both Luke and Leia roared, running to give her a hug.
"Luke, Leia." replied Padme.
"We missed you so much." told Luke.
"Same here, kids."
Han walked from the loading ramp to take a stretch. "Mom, this is Han Solo, he help us get here." explained Leia.
"How'dyo do?" asked Han.
"Very fine, thank you for getting them here safe." replied Padme.
"Mom, they know that we're here." explained Leia.
"Excuse me?"
"The Sith have their ways."
"Then we must prepare. And Bastila, Luke, Leia? Can I see you for a moment in the hangar?" asked Padme. Bastila and the twins followed Padme into the hagnar. "Our smugglers have stolen these." announced Padme as she revealed three Jedi Starfighters.
"These are Starfighters from the Old Republic, aren't they?" asked Luke.
"Yes, you'll need them." replied Padme.

Hours later everyone was prepared for a space battle, so were the Sith. "I want there master! I want her battle meditation, I-want-her here." ordered Vader "Is the tractorbeam back online?"
"Sir, yes sir."
Back on Yavin IV, Padme was trying to inspire her army with hope. "There were many one sided wars in the period of the Republic... But this is your time and you will win, believe in yourselves." yelled Padme. The army cheered, her speech was a success. Everyone launced to space to meet the Sith at the Death Star. "Is everyone there?" asked Padme.
"Gold squadron, standing by."
"Red squadron, standing by."
"Blue squadron, standing by."
"Viridian squadron, standing by."
"Violet squadron, standing by."
"Rogue squadron, standing by." said Wedge.
"Good to have you with us, Wedge." said Luke.
"Orange squadron, standing by."
"White squadron, standing by."
"Green squadron, standing by."
"Jedi squadron, standing by." said Bastila.
"Millenium Falcon, standing by." said Han.
"Lock S-foils in attack position." ordered Bastila as they approached the Death Star.
"Look at the size of that thing." Wedge pointed out.
"Viridian squadron, bomb the turbo lazers." ordered Bastila. A group of Y-Wings made an attack run on the turbo lazers, taking them out one by one. "I can use my concussion missles to help out" suggested Han.
"That would be appreciated." answered Bastila. Han fired some concussion missles that took out the turbo lazers very quickly, until he was out. Luke fired at random places on the battle station causing him blocking off major hallways. "Sir, the attack force is taking out our turbo lazers one by one sir."
"Then we will destroy them ship to ship, Moordenaar, you take the generals to test out the new fighters."
"Yes Master" obeyed Moordenaar.

Bastila flew past the hangar to take out the turbo lazers there, but she ended up getting sucked in. "Leia we have to save Bastila." told Luke.
"My pain is meaningless, focus on the task at hand, I am not defenseless." ordered Bastila. Anakin observed Bastila's starfighter as it was getting pulled in by a now working tractorbeam, "good, good, come to me my prey." Anakin made his way to the hangar where he would be waiting for Bastila, he closed off that hangar so no one could intrude on the fight.

"I've been waiting for you milady, we meet at last." told Anakin as Bastila landed, "You and your battle meditation would be a great asset for me... Come to the Dark Side."
"I've been there, Skywalker." replied Bastila "I will never go back."
"So be it." told Anakin as he ignited his blue and red sabers. Bastila ignited here yellow doublesaber and entered a fierce battle with the most powerful Sith Lord of all time.

"Attention spacers... enemy fighters coming your way." warned an officer.
"This is where the fun begins." told Han "Chewie, pilot this thing while I take the gun turrets." ordered Han. Chewie roared back. A large space battle had started while both sides had lazers blazing all over the place. "LEIA THERE'S A FIGHTER ON YOUR BACK!!" screamed Luke.
"I can't shake `im." replied Leia. Han fired a persice shot at the wing of the Tie Fighter and it landed on the station. "Thank's stud." thanked Leia.
"Anytime, toots" replied Han.
"I've found the trench" annonced Gold Leader "We're making our run"
"Cover me, I'm on the leader." ordered Moordenaar in her new Tie Advanced X-1.
"Yes Ma'am."
Moordenaar and her generals picked Gold Squadron off one by one.

In the hangar, the battle between Bastila and Anakin continued. There was a pause in the battle, Anakin's head peered of in the direction of the trench. "They've found it, Sith Lord." told Bastila "The trench, it's only a matter of time"
"You can surrender and die with some dignity." suggested Anakin.
"If I die, I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine." replied Bastila. Then the duel continued. Anakin cut Bastila's saber in half but both sides still worked. Bastila kicked Anakin down and knocked him out. She stroke up to him and was ready to end it all. "You can still join me in the darkness." said a voice very familiar to Bastila.
"Yes, my love, I've been pulling his strings, join me."
"You can be redeemed... Please."
"You were the one who got me into taking my mantle back."
"You chose to accept, I'll bet if you made the correct decision on Rakata Prime, you would be asking me to come to the light."
"Do you know how hard I've worked to have the Sith rule the galaxy again?"
"You are not the one ruling, Revan."
"You're right."
"PLEASE!!! I beg of you come back to the light, for me... My love."
Revan paused for a moment and closed his eyes, "You would still believe I can be redeemed? You still love me?"
"No one is out of that range."
"I cannot... Saviour... Conqueror... Hero... Villan... I was all those things, I chose darkness..."
"You can choose light."
"I can't... I will forever stand alone... Good-bye, my love, and may the Force be with you." After that emotional conversation, Revan disappeared, he wiped himself from existance. Bastila grabbed a Tie Fighter and flew back to Yavin IV. Anakin woke up, to see Bastila was gone, "DAMNIT!!!" he roared as he ran to the firing room to do the honors himself.

"Almost there" Red Leader said to himself, "IT'S AWAY... Negative, it didn't go in." He was then shot down by Moordenaar. Luke and Leia made their run along the trench to find stopped guns. Leia and Wedge got shot but not blown, Luke ordered them to leave for their safety. Luke evaded Moordenaar's aiming systems very well. She managed to get a shot off, but it grazed the wing. Luke looked at that wing to find no astromech droid on the wing, "Good-riddance." Luke said to himself.
"WHAT!?" yelled 3PO.
"I have you now." said Moordenaar in glee, but one of her generals were shot down.
"Look out!" One Tie Fighter grazed Moordenaar's wing causing her to be set off course.
"You're all clear kid" told Han "Now let's blow this thing and go home." Luke took a deep breath and fired a cluster of missles. They all went down the service pipe and to the reactor. Luke exhaled and retreated. "Great shot, kid, that was one in a million!" congratulated Han. Seconds later, the Death Star blew up.

Back on Yavin IV everyone cheered for Luke's success, while Han and Leia shared a kiss. "Oh no, R2... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" screamed 3PO in deep sadness. Then followed an award ceremony where everone who survived were awarded medals for their Bravery and Valour.

An SW fanfic, written by Revanscool: Hardcore Hockey/Led Zeppelin/Scarface/Full Metal Jacket/Mortal Kombat/Star Wars/KotOR fan!

I hope that you all enjoyed, and stay tuned for the first chapter of my brand new fanfic: Knights of the Old Republic 3: The Second Sith War.

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