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Does anybody know how to use Dev-C++ to create DLL code patches or changes that work on JKA?

Dev-C++ allows the creation of DLL's but you have label the project in the beginning as a DLL. I tried creating a DLL project and then copying and pasting my new code, but it wont compile right because many of the other files in the Enhanced code are referenced and I get a zillion errors when I try. Does this mean I have to import every other file into this project before it will compile? If so, is there a way I can just drag the entire folder of all of them into the project without manually dragging each file?

Any help I could get in this would be greatly appreciated. I'd really like to start to do my own tweaking of Enhanced so I can help balance things out that need balancing out. I cant afford a real version of visual C++ right now so I'm stuck with trying to figure out Dev-C++ (which is a free download btw).

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