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This is one of my strategies dependant on the use of infiltrators:

If the enemy is landing a large number of vehicles I will send in infiltrators to destroy them before their landers lift off and they become active. The splash damage can take out large groups of vehicles, especially if the detonators are spread out throughout the formation. I then fall back and place them in sniping positions. Once the detonators are recharged (for lack of a better word) I will eliminate the shield generator if one is present. This allows me to send in T4 - B's, as well as MPTL's to attack the base. The tanks will destroy any turrets inside the base, while my MPTL's destroy any reinforcements my opponent attempts to land.

Once the anti air turrets are destroyed I will call in bombing runs to destroy anything out of reach of my tanks. Within a few minutes, victory is accheived(sp?).
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