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The below is made to in reference to my post in Cantina 14 where the Heloki escaped BD's containment in a single post. Post #463

First, how exactly is anything in that post Godmodding? I didn't take control of any of your characters or your fleet. Nor did I specifiy the composition of the Republic's fleet, or any damage it sustained from the attempted rammings of the smaller ships. The only thing I did was have the Helkan ships possibly escape.

Now lets talk a little more about godmoding, specifically all of the godmodding you have done with the Heloki. 1. You placed them on C-34-T-78 2. You had them easily contained. All of which you never once asked me about, you didn't ask if I wanted them on that planet, or how difficult it would be to keep them contained, what kind of fleet may be needed etc. Then as your post indicated you were going to easily destroy them with planetary bombardment. All of that is godmodding BD, and not once did you ask me if I minded or what my plans for them were. Now you complain because they escaped?

I'm slightly confused, to which capabilites are you referring to? That the Heloki have ships? I thought that would have been understood, otherwise how else would they travel to different planets. The fact that their ships are very fast, and well protected? Have you forgotten that the Heloki broke free of the Aesir's containment? Given how technologically advanced the Aesir are the Heloki would not be able to do that in some little dinky ship. Did I come right out and give all the details about these Helkan ships? No, but I feel there was enough information given to know that the Heloki were not traveling around in bulk frieghters and for you to understand their ships would need to be rather advanced/special in someway. If anything the above post would indicate that Idona was telling Drago the truth about what happened...

I didn't inform you? How many times will the Aesir have to give your character disks containing all the information necessary to defeat the Heloki on them before they will actually examine what is on that disk? I know your characters and the Republic haven't looked at the disks because you never asked me what is on them, or have your characters RP inserting the disks and seeing what is on them. To say otherwise when you never asked would be godmodding the Aesir and dictating what information they gave Flax and then Drago.

I will say, normally when the Aesir have given messages to others I tend to put that right in the RPG. I do that in order to save time, the messages also tend to be short and don't contain a lot if any real information, and since they are simple messages I really don't feel to bad about essentially forcing another's character to read it. The disks are different, they contain a lot of info. on the Heloki and I didn't want to force your characters to have to make use of that info, that would be godmoding. Instead I left it up to you, and you chose to have them ignore that info. I never informed you? No, you just never bothered to look at the information given. All you had to do was either pm me with a "Hey Admiral whats on the disks", or role play it out. I am game for either *Role playing would be more entertaining IMO.

This brings me to Drago and what he said a while ago. He demands the Aesir give him more information. Yet it is clear he hasn't examined the first disk since, 1. He made no reference to that material. 2. His statements concerning the uproar in the Senate would probably be different if the Senate examined/or even knew about that information. You wonder why Idona said no, and basically was rude to Drago's request for more information when he and the republic had yet to make use of the information already given?

Lets not forget, that Flax had asked the Aesir to train people to hunt the Heloki. Drago never asked Idona for that, nor did the Republic ask the Aesir to send people over to planet ________ so the Aesir could train some of the Republic soldiers. The Aesir were/are not going to force the Republic to send men to recieve train, that is again at the Republic's discretion.

So, the events in my last post basically bear out what Drago has said even though he and the Republic at large have made no use of what the Aesir have already given them? Nor have they followed up on Flax's original request for training...

I'm also curious BD, especially given what I have said (IE, your characters and the Republic at large ignoring what aid the Aesir have already provided) what those reprecussions would be? Again, in my opinion that posts backs up Idona's statment that the Heloki broke out of the Aesir's containment (which should be much harder then breaking out of the republic's).

Now I will spend a little time about the escape itself. I had a couple of options.

1. Helkan ships being very fast, able to leave a system shortly after reaching orbit, and being well armored.

2. Opening up a portal of somekind and have them leave secretly. Said portal could be skirting Helheim etc.

First option: The Heloki escape, the Republic is aware of it. Maybe then they will consult the information the Aesir provided the Republic. Maybe return to Gladsheim station then and ask the Aesir to clarify a few things if necessary or help in training soldiers in how to handle the Heloki. At the very least you know/Republic knows the Heloki are again at large.

Second Option: The Heloki slip off planet and head to who knows where. This option is ultimatly more entertaining for me since I can have fun creating havoc. Although the immediate outcome: Republic doesn't realize they didn't kill the Heloki. And probably you really get upset that they escaped this way. Your characters continue to ignore

Now, I'm willing to have my post merely be the distraction the white Heloki mentioned and have them escape via the second option. However, they will escape. The fact they did it in one post simply saves time, the Heloki were not going to engage in space combat, their ships could take a hit or two and then they would be gone. Your forces were unprepared for what the Heloki were going to do. I know this because of what I have said above and I'll repeat. You never asked me what it would take to keep them contained, your characters never consulted the information provided and they didn't seek the training that would have been helpful.

Also please keep in mind I never specified the damage/if any done to the Republic's fleet or even the composition of that fleet. Since if I did that it would have been godmodding since that fleet is yours.

So BD, you can be upset that the Heloki escaped and threaten me/ via these repercussions against the Aesir. Or you can have Drago look at the information given to him, and possible go back to the Aesir to have them clarify anything and even ask them for trainers, so the next time the Republic encounters the Heloki, things can play out differently.

You may also want to ask me next time/if there is a next time what the Republic should do to contain the Heloki...

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