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No, I didn't ask you what was on the disk, mainly because this plot had been on the backboiler, as has the whole thread recently.

So I'm culpable there, howver, let me quote your characters from the last thread.

"Since in the past couple of weeks or so they just attacked and took a colony of 10,000 there is time for you to prepare. They won't be looking for new prey for some time and then it won't be major population centers."

So I picked a planet in an unspecified location and placed a fleet of unspecified size and composition around it. You said that they had all the information they needed so I assumed that unspecified tactics would be used to contain them.

As a matter of fact I wasn't going to bombard the planet, in my next post the Admiral was going to tell Drago that the Senate had vetoed that decision and he was going to have to go planet side, cue Alien/Starship Trooper type gory discoveries and marines being picked off one by one. Never mind, as you pointed out I didn't comunicate that to you.

As to the Aesir sending anyone to help, Odin make it quite clear in the last thread that the Heloki were entirely the Republic's problem and he batted aside the request for trainers.

While we're here in the discussion thread there's something else I'd like to deal with.

Don't put any Valkiries in an Agamair households. Due to the clan and tribal structure of the society its very difficult to invent a background for yourself, unless you murder someone and take their place in their family.

So any agent in the service of a high ranking noble would be guilty of murder, impersonation and false oath-swearing. The punishement for which is truely horrific.

Not that I expect you have anyone spying on Flax but just incase you were ever planning on using it as a way to contact him.

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