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The problem BD is you made too many assumptions.

For instances that quote, doesn't mean that the Heloki were planet side, especially on the planet that they attacked *which btw they left, if you remember the Aesir went to that planet searching for the Heloki already.

That quote really meant that the Heloki were basically wandering in space, planning their next move, not that they were on a planet. I never said anything then because in the big picture there is really no difference between being in deep space or on a planet from which they can escape.

Bombardment wise, yay telling me that would have been nice...

Odin did bat the request for training aside, he didn't say no though. He wasn't going to say yes until after your characters examined that disk. Remember the Aesir love to test the galaxy.

Odin didn't agree to trainers not because he wasn't going to provide any but because Flax didn't have time to look over the material given. If after looking over the material, Flax/The republic felt that they needed trainers then they would have been provided. He didn't want the Republic to immediatly come to the Aesir when faced with a unknown problem. Instead he wanted them to be informed and come only if they still felt they needed it.

[hint]The disks basically say that at the end. something along the lines of: If after due consideration of the problem facing you, you feel you will need further help in handling The Heloki select a planet with X number of men. Valkyries will then train them. While your men attend this school, they will be under the Valkyrie's command and will obey them like any other superior officer.[/hint]

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