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Um, I'm not going to close this because of the content, but the next time you want someone to read through all of that, please make sure you use... actual words. And I'm not talking about spelling mistake, we all make those, I mean words like "programation". It doesn't exist, I have no idea what you meant by it.

We can all tell that English isn't your first language, and we can cope with a few spelling mistakes and some bad grammar, to a degree, but please don't make up words, it just confuses us even more.

Oh, and "essay's" generally only have one conclusion. When a part of an essay states "in conclusion" we really shouldn't have to read another half a page, hell, it took up a quarter of your entire essay.

Now, I have no problem saying that there will never be an MI5, but mainly for a whole bunch of other reasons rather than the ones you've put up (current market, current demand for decent games is pretty poor, LucasArts will probably never do another adventure game again and at the same time, probably won't sell the license to Monkey Island and so on) as your reasons don't really make much sense at all.

The people who design and program the game have no say whatsoever whether there will be a sequel or not, it's up to executives and so on to figure that out so they wouldn't put things into the game to make it so there will never be another MI game.

Also, as far as LeChuck goes, he's been blown up twice and crushed beneath a few tonnes of ice, I see no reason why blowing him up again would make much difference (and just for the record, he wasn't blown up, there are a few frames of him being blown past the screen and the Ultimate Insult is destoyed).

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