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Yes please

-A new melee ammo system with which you start with 300 ammo and each punch takes 2 ammo and when you reach 0 Jaden can still punch but not nearly as fast which simulates him being tired

Ok how does this not involve coding?

-New easier ways to do split kicks, spin kickes and flip kickes

If you make a .sab file this is possible but how will you do this with melee?

-All the sabers that don't allow you to do kickes (single and duals) will have modified katas that are exactly the same except will have kickes on the end like the strong kata will have a spin kick on the end and fast style a split kick

Never seen anything like this done before, I don't even know where to begin trying to figure this one out.

-Some sort of way to put your hands down at ease and then out them back up

Hit the 'holster' button, = by default I believe.

Everything else sounds like animation replacement which is possible.
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