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stealing Cheez's idea to write a fic about a song on my iPod. TO SHUFFLE!!1!

~Oh snap, Queen! The show must go on.~
Camp had ended and everyone was on the bus. Sasha and Milla flew down on Lili and Raz's make out session and was all "ZOMGS! TRUMAN ZANOTTO GOT STOLEN!!!"

Lili was all like "DAD? [vader]NOOOOOOOOOO!!!11![/vader]" Raz was all. THE GAME MUSTN'T END!! WE NOW GO TO SAVE TRUMAN!! BUH BA DA!!"

A magical jet resembling Queen Amidala's jet in Star Wars Episode 1: THe Phantom Menace flew in and picked everyone up. EVEN THE BUS!!

Then they all flew to headquarters as the game begged for a sequal.
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