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Originally Posted by Pavlos
Is there any chance that rather than having to double click on a StrRef to bring up the editing form, we can just edit it in the text box space beneath it? You could also place the options for sounds et cetera along side this box. This just makes committing things to the .TLK that much easier.
I'm not sure I agree it would be "much easier" to only have to singleclick rather than doubleclick, which would be the only difference. I prefer trying to avoid the "web page" syndrome for user interface design where everything is crammed into the same window. Still, I suppose I could make the preview text box editable if others prefer it that way instead. I'll add it to the ToDo list to have a look at when I'm in the mood for some Delphi programming.

Originally Posted by Pavlos
Another little request is: Can you cause the "Text present" option to be automatically selected. Sometimes it gets a little annoying when you forget to check that box .
Hmm, when does this happen? If I pick "New entry" in the Tools menu all three "flags" checkboxes start out being already checked. Which version are you using?

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