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About the melee ammo system, I tested it and when I ran out of ammo for some reason Jaden could still punch but he couldn't nearly as fast as normal.

In order to do kicks at the end of a kata all I do is take the kick animation I want to use and fuse it together with the kata animation (lets just say it's a really tedious proccess that takes a lot of text editing) I want and thats it. Because of the way the animation is coded when the player kicks at the end of the combo it might do damage rather than send the enemie flying or maybe it will just send the enemie flying or it might even do both.

By the way, when I say new easier ways to do the special kicks I mean by replacing certain animations.

About the saber melee styles instead of having a lightsaber you can have glowing hands if you want for melee combat (well saber combat without the saber).

Never knew about the holster button. Thx for telling me about it.

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