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A very good idea

Since i'm (relatively) new here..expect my votes to be....'unnatural'

Best Character: John Skywalker
Best Plot: Crystal of Life
Best Plot Twist: Plight if Darkness - Revan is one of the Sith species? omg!
Most Overrated Fic: X
Most Underrated Fic: X
Most Original/Creative Fanfic: The Adventures of Jolee Bindo
Most Addictive Fanfic: Plight of Darkness
Best Sequel: Galactic Conquest II Rebel Rebound
Best Trilogy: -----
Best Written/Best Grammar: Jae Onasi
Best Writer: Jae Onasi + ForceFightWMe12 + Sabretooth (I agree with RC on this one!)
Best Fanfiction: Plight of Darkness

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