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Most of the time I don't use force in SP except absorb. When the Reborn Masters get all gay with protect and heal though the I go dark rage on them but other than that I only really use absorb I just try and beat them with solid saber combat without speed, protect, rage and all that other stuff and when the game is on Jedi difficulty I can go up to Reborn Masters and Alora with duals and tavion ect. and go toe to toe with them without really using force powers and win with a good chunk of health left. I turned it up to Jedi Knight difficulty and when I tryed to go toe to toe with the dark masters it was a living nightmare! All their attacks were super fast, all their attacks, parries, parry breaks, counters and counter attacks were all so fast which allows for them to easily just slit your throat while your open. I mean all their attacks when on Jedi Knight difficulty are at superspeed! There saber is a blur! Whats realy annoying is that I'll have hit them 5-8 times and they still won't die while if they get 1-2 solid hits on me I'm dead (it sucks how Reborn Masters have 200 health and bosses like alora have 500).

EDIT:Oh yeah, by the way I'm mostly a staff user. And Tinny (or whoevers read this) try starting a new game or running a current game on Jedi Knight difficulty and spawn a reborn master (make sure you have level 3 jump, saber offense, defense and all that) then run up and go toe to toe with him and use only absorb, push, pull and force jump and you'll see what I'm talking about. And when I say toe to toe I don't mean run in, hit him, then run away. I mean constantly hack and slash him without backing down or running away with occasional evasive maneuvers.

Your auto-blocking is in vain! Only SP source code modification can allow you to block my desann-style attacks without being staggered now!

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