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qboolean trap_G2_HaveWeGhoul2Models(void *ghoul2) - same in jka

int trap_G2API_CopySpecificGhoul2Model(void *g2From, int modelFrom, void *g2To, int modelTo) - same in jka

int trap_G2API_FindBoltIndex(TGhoul2 ghoul2, const int modelIndex, const char *boneName) - not in jka at all

qboolean trap_G2API_AttachG2Model(void *ghoul2From, int modelFrom, void *ghoul2To, int toBoltIndex, int toModel) - same in jka

i suppose a way around trap_G2API_FindBoltIndex, is just store the boltindex somewhere when you copy/add the bolt. because trap_G2API_AddBolt you can do something like:

int boltIndex;
boltIndex = trap_G2API_AddBolt(ghoul2, 0, "jaw_bone");

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