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sorry for putting it in this thread, but i didn't want to start another thread about dash rendar considering the last one was closed. if this is the wrong place just turn me around and put a boot up my ..... anyways to my question. i went to everyone's favorite wikipedia looking up dash rendar's page. and then i noticed this passage


He and Guri also set up ODT, a company that constructed Human Replica Droids on Onadax in the Minos Cluster. They had used the company to bring his brother Stanton back to life, but both had left the company by the time it was infiltrated by Jaina Solo. It was rumored that during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion that he was responsible for sabotaging Peace Brigade shipments.

uhh, when did this happen? thanks for any info

huh, so five minutes later i found the star wars wiki site that seems to explain when this occured

sorry for the post. should i delete it?

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