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Say hello to Clipze, the new home for JK games!

Everyone, I found this piece of news over at The Massassi temple this morning:

Quote: is an effort made by zone member _3memos_ to bring back the MSN gaming zone after is unfortunate shut down. The service is in the process of beta test and it shouldn't be long till the launch of the site.

Game support includes the following:

* Age of Empires
* Age of Empires:RoR
* Age of Empires:AoK
* Age of Empires:AoC
* Flight Simulator 2004
* Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds
* Jedi Knight
* Quake 2
* Midtown Madness 2
* Motocross Madness 2
* Rainbow Six
* Rogue Spear

Spread the word and stop by the site to check the upcoming news.
Sounds great! Now people will be able to play online MP games again when it's launched!
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