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*Is it too late to make an entrance?*
*If not here are character stats:
Lord Konohomaru
Species: Unknown but thought to be humanlike.
Eye Color: Blood-Red
Hair Color: Black
Favorite Weapon: A single-bladed lightsaber that has unusual powers that increase his force abilities considerably.
Lightsaber Color: Blood Red
Favorite Ship: His war ship. (His ship is similar to Malak's ship was.)
Favorite Force Powers: Enhancing his robes with the force to make them nonrestricting but yet protecting, Force Storm (lightning), occasionally he will use Force Choke in political situations, the Force Lightsaber Throw (learned from his days as a Jedi, of which at one time he was a Master at the age of twenty), and a few Force Healing and all around Force Buffs to make him stronger.
Masters: None
Apprentices: Ten Fallen Jedi that followed him after the betrayel of his Sith army to him.
Homeworld: Tatooine, though he was taken to Dantooine immediately after birth because of his already increadable command of the force on the day he was born.
Political Afflication: Sith
Occupation: Former Sith Lord that was betrayed by his army all but 10 Fallen Jedi that are left fled his ominous and forboading power. Now he leads these ten as thier Infamous Master known throughout the galaxy as the Fallen Jedi too strong for the Sith.
Allies: His ten apprentices.
Enimies: Everyone that doesn't fear him enough to become part of his army, his apprentice, or even a petty slave of his.
Bio: Is explaned in small parts above but I'll go over it again: Lord Konohomaru was taken at birth from his home planet of Tatooine on the day of his birth because of already commanding use of the force to allow him to walk the day he was born by enhancing his strength with the force and the great disterbance in the force when he was born. From there he became a Padawan at the age of ten. Then he was immediately taken as an Apprentice under a Master after that and at the age of 20 became a Master himself. He then started on his inevitable rise to the Dark Side. He went to the Sith then after slaghtering countless people on Dantooine for no reason at all. Upon his arrival on Korriban he was immediately taken into the army as a General. From there over the years of being in the army he slowly assasinates each of his commanding officers making him skyrocket in rank eventually becoming a Sith Lord. Some short time later he was betrayed by his army. They revolted against his awesome power and eventually fled it after he had slaughtered many of them. He was then only left with 10 Fallen Jedi followers that would become his Apprentices. Nearly a year later his ship lands on the ruins of Dantooine where it had been destroyed by Darth Revan's treacherous betraying Apprentice, Malak, some time before. On Dantooinian ruins, he established a small base. but is not challenged there for that post. Yet...

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