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There is a great disturbance in the force. All the Force Sensitive sense it as Lord Konohomaru's ship leaves his base on the ruins of Dantooine and heads for Mygeeto, for he feals he must have a presence here, he has seen himself here in the midst of a dream. As he makes his way to Mygeeto he has only a small clue to what is happening there, but in the dream he has seen two Blood-colored lightsabers clash, for what reason, he does not know, but he can sense he is headed to battle as he and his followers suit up in their robes. They all clip their lightsabers to their belts because they had all been traing with their Master trying to conquer the art of lightsaber dueling as their Master had so very long ago. As long as trying to learn to focus their strength with the force, using Force Lightning on various targets that are electrically resistant on the ship.

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