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Ah... another entry into my story. Enjoy all

Chapter II - This is Business

Like any other mourning I awoke, but this day I felt excited, and anxious. I decided to meet up with Rance, take up on the offer he presented me with yesterday. Pacing back and forth within my apartment, I stopped for moment, and let the excitement guide my movements for a second by taking up a fighting position… left jab right hook… shuffled my feet side to side in a boxer’s stance… threw off two left jabs at the air, then a right uppercut.

Then I stopped for my breakfast had finished heating up. This could be the last time I ever have to eat this bantha fodder. By tomorrow I could be devouring some well cooked waffles with a side of bacon… or maybe taste the sweetness of fruits for once in my life… or a delicious meal of steak with a splash of tarisian ale. I finshed eating the distasteful grub rather quickly, and set the dish into the sink. I started toward the door, threw on my brown coat and left the apartment once more. Though for once in my life, I wasn’t headed to the cantina, but maybe something more important.

I was walking rather fast, but this was because I was in a hurry to get where I was going. I was anxious, but I walked just fast enough as not to attract any unwanted attention by prowlers who may be lurking around in the streets. Finally I reached the apartment complex elevator that Rance mentioned yesterday. I paused in front of the door… took a deep breath and sighed as if I was bracing for something. I quickly pulled my right hand from the pocket and pressed the elevator activation key. The door opened, I stepped inside, turned around and dabbed with the interior keys to bring me at level three.

Once on the level I walked around the complex ring until I found apartment 302. There was no sound device attached to the door so I simply knocked. After a few seconds the door opened with Rance sitting down in his couch smirking at me. “Thought you would eventually stop by”. I nodded a bit… took a few steps inside and inquired…

“So, what’s the plan?”

“Straight to the point eh? Well we have to deliver this package and its contents to someone” Rance pulled out a black case from under the couch, then he went on to imply…

“Don’t ask for too many details, I was told to keep the package safe and to deliver it when the time came. The guy who hired me said he’d contact me on the hologram display this afternoon.”

There was a hologram device sitting on the table in front of him He went on to speak again…

“Hopefully he gets around to us sooner than later”

I nodded, realizing I might be in for a bit of a wait. I took a seat in a chair that was perpendicular to Rance’s. We sat in silence, waiting patiently for the call. I noticed Rance was fiddling with his fingers, whether he was nervous or anxious was quite difficult to tell though. I personally sat back slumping in the chair, hands interlocked over my waist with dull expression on my face that told nothing. I don’t know why, but I wasn’t that excited anymore. The flutter of anticipation and anxiousness in my stomach was now just a cold spot. I feel into a trance of thought… this is it… once that call comes through there’s no turning back… Where my life goes from here, who knows… I can only hope to achieve some kind of importance.

Finally the device displayed a hologram of a human. Dressed in a robe, decorated with jewelry and other expensive looking items. It was obvious that he must be in the upper city since I’ve only seen nobles wear those types of clothes. Rance and me leaned over the table to listen for what he was about to say. He spoke in a diplomatic, classy tone that made him appear as if he was a wealthy, powerful senator.

“You… take the package to the upper city cantina. There will be someone waiting for you there. You will recognize them, they will recognize you.”

After he stated his assignment for us he disconnected. It was short and sweet, right down to the point. Rance took up the black case, stood up and headed towards the door. I also stood up, and began following. Rance paused at the door and took a sharp 360. He was holding a blaster pistol in his left hand.

“Hey… you might be need this”

He then tossed the pistol at me, after catching it I took a look at it Rance then went on to say.

“Hope ya know how to use it”

I replied while stashing the blaster under my belt.

“What ya kidding me? Point and shoot”

Rance made a slight grin.

Once out on the lower city streets we were headed toward the closest elevator. An elevator that would take us up into the upper city where are destination was. The elevator required a small toll however to ride up, but not down… it was sad really. Though the five credits wasn’t anything big, especially seeing as how we could be making a hundred or so by the end of the day. It was a quite, but quick ride up. The elevator door opened to reveal the sheer beauty and wealth or the upper city. I had only seen it once as a child, when my mother needed to shop for extra parts to place on our family droid. That was probably 15 or more years ago however, things have changed. The only problem at this point was finding where the upper city cantina was as Rance stated…

“So now… where the hell is the cantina?”

I looked around trying to find anything that would point us in its direction. Then as a pedestrian began to walk by my I caught his attention and asked.

“Excuse me sir, me and my friend here are looking for the cantina. Do you know where we could find it?”

He glanced at Rance then looked back at me “Yea, head down this way, take a left and follow the platform until it ends. Take a right and head through the tunnel, take another right and follow the platform’s length. Then take a left towards the end, passed the empty lot and the cantina should be in front of you mate”.

I nodded and replied “Thanks”.

We followed the directions given to us. We wanted to be quick about this as to not draw unwanted attention from any nobles. This was because our appearance was out of place up here; compared to everyone else we looked like thugs. Fortunate enough we got through the upper city streets without much conflict, and reached the cantina soundly. We cautiously entered inside bracing ourselves for any surprises. Though luckily there were none. It was not much different than Javyar’s Cantina to be honest. Several pazaak tables were the first things you saw, full of players and cards and the like. There was a band, though unlike Javyar’s they were playing a classy jazz style of music instead of the techno beats I’m used to hearing. It was refreshing however, and I rather enjoyed it. We maneuvered through the pazaak room towards the center complex up ahead. We then took a seat against the wall where the tables were, where Rance then placed the package on the table

“Well… we’re suppose to find them right?” Rance questioned.

“Or they’re suppose to find us” I replied.

It was slightly frustrating to have come all the way up here and find nothing, so I let off a sigh of disappointment. I then took a look at the encased package and asked.

“What’s in there?”

Rance glanced at me and shrugged. “Who knows… though it’s none of our business, we’re just here to deliver”.

I nodded to myself, best to not satisfy my curiosity. Moments later however, a figure began approaching us dressed in casual clothing; well at least in upper city standards. He was a male, probably of nobility. When he stopped at our table, the man seemed to recognize the package. I asked…

“Who are you?”

He too spoke in a rich, classy manner

“I am Torivena the 4th, and I believe that package is for me”

Rance began then stated

“We were told to deliver the package to someone, are you the one we’re looking for?”

“So I was told, I expect that you’ll simply be handing that over now?”

I then spoke in a neutral, but slightly demanding tone of voice.

“Yes, and I expect that you will pay us most handsomely for our services”

“Yes… yes of course you’ll be rewarded. The package is very important to me and I praise you for taking great care in it. However I must ask, you didn’t open it did you?”

“No.” Rance replied.

Torivena paused for a moment and then continued. “I see. Regardless, I must return to my estate to gather the items that I’ll be giving you, come with me.”

Rance and I glanced at each other. “Sure” I said…

“Good, very good. Follow me please.”

He led Rance and I out of the cantina. Once outside however we were greeted with about five thugs armed with blaster carbines. Rance and I immediately drew our blaster pistols and began targeting the first thug in our line of sight. Torivena; smack in the middle, dropped to the ground attempting to avoid being shot. The thugs were about ten meters away, and they were all in a horizontal line. I took on the one to my far left, and achieved first blood by taking him out with a clean headshot. The thug right of him however was already firing burst shots at me, I immediately dropped to the ground in a prone position, barely managing to duck below the rapid fury of lethal red energy passing overhead. Once I was down I immediately shot back at that one, I took three shots and two of them hit him in the leg, one to his right thigh, the other left shin; he then dropped in shouting in agony. I moved on to the last remaining thug to the far right, and gave him a round or two in the torso. Apparently Rance had gotten the other two… then I noticed Rance was down.

I went over to Rance, he had taken a blaster shot to his torso.

“Damn it!” He exclaimed…

It was obvious that he was in apparent agony. I proceeded to check how serious his wound was. It looked as if it had grazed his side, though there’s no exact way for sure to tell if he may be internally bleeding.

“You’ll be alright” I told him calmly while tearing a piece of my coat off.

“Sit up for a moment” Rance used his arms to bring his body up, grimacing his face while do so. I proceeded to wrap the piece of my coat around his torso, and applied enough pressure as to not effect his breathing too much.

“Your good to go for the moment” I told him.

Torivena was up and about, making sure no authorities are headed our way. “Come quickly now, we should head to my speeder. From there we’ll continue onto my estate. We don’t want to be around for the authorities to question”.

I looked at Rance “You can run right?”

Rance replied smirking “Yea… If I need to.” He got up struggling, fighting through the agonizing pain. Barely able to run, Rance limped as fast as he could through the streets. Most of the pedestrians around simply moved out of our way when they noticed we were armed. We finally reached Torivena’s luxury speeder, and jumped on in. From there we sped off into the city, vanishing under the luscious glow of the star.

My Fan Fiction - Davik Kang : Rise to Power

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