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Originally Posted by Tinny
Soo hmmm, could I do this? Set random values for the indeces not used. Say values between 4 and 20 and keep using them until they're all used up then start replacing the ones that were used the longest.
There's no need to do it randomly. You could just set the lower and upper model limits, scan thru that range for an open model slot, and then use it.

You're best bet is to contact Rich Whitehouse (author of Ninjamod), as Ninja mod contained this very thing... I dunno if he'd honestly share how he did it though. :X
I actually asked this several years ago. According to Rich, he lost the source code shortly after the last release of the mod. As for his technique, I beleive he used the manual rendering method similar to what I used for the holstered weapons in OJP. You could technically use the ghoul2 method used in SOF2, but I don't think there's a way to define the position and orientation of the resulting model. As such, the model would just stick out of the player at what positioning the bone is at.

also when i was looking over the jka code, what does the trap_G2API_CopyGhoul2Instance really do, because it seems it returns an int in jka.
Because it's not actually used in the code, it's hard to tell. Its function is probably very similar to what is used in SOF2. Just from the description, it sounds like it whole hog ghoul2 "instances" rather than specific ghoul2 "models" like trap_G2API_CopySpecificGhoul2Model.

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