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Lord Konohomaru finally reaches Mygeeto and docks his ship. He and his apprentices step out of the ship. They find a small group of troops nearby.

"You there!" ordered Lord Konohomaru.

His reply was a volly of blaster bolts. He and his apprentices skattered in a force aided jump.

Lord Konohomaru stated calmly, "Join me... Or... Hmm... What should I do to you... How about this?"

Lord Konohomaru suddenly executed a short jolt of force storm on the group.

"Join me, or I'll do that to you... On a much, greater, scale."

"I have an idea how about you leave and we won't kill you?" replied the squad.

"Very well."

Lord Konohomaru's apprentices executed successful force chokes on the ten troopers as Lord Konohomaru asked one more time.

"Will you join me?"

The troopers shook thier heads up and down as they were choked mecilessly.

"Let them go."

"As you wish master," the apprentices said obeyingly in unison.

"Now, I wish you troops to know, if you betray me, I shall kill you instantaniously. I shall give you a demenstration."

Lord Konomomaru spyed a worried looking family not too far away. He electricuted them with a more powerful force storm than before and killed them within a second.

"Now... are we on the same page?"

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