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"We gathered a considerable amount of enime troops by thretening them sir," reported one of his apprentices.

"Good," replied Lord Konohomaru. "We now have a considerable fighting force to attack the other Sith and members of the Republic."

Lord Konohomaru sensed a considerable power to the west. He told his apprentices to gather the troops as he started to the west knowing he was in for a great battle.

They arrived at a Republic base. Lord Konohomaru sensed them inside. He continued in to see a group of Sith Lords and their apprentices bullying a republic leader.

"These republic type are weak minded. I bet if I tried I could disect his mind and control him. Even now he is thinking he is going to die. He is also thinking that he may have a chance to live if he sacrefices his republic forces to us." Lord Konohomaru stated sternly.

"As for you sith, I have a proposition for you. We join up now to take out this republic scum. Then after we destroy all lifeforms on this planet, save us and out forces, we battle it out one on one. What do you say?"

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