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Originally posted by raVen_image:
If all the "BAD" things were to happen at once, your brain would try and de-sensitize most of it, in an attempt to keep you sane. Say: 1000 bad things happen within a day. You would probably only interpret 10 of those events as bad and the other 990 as merely annoying. So, in effect, only 10 bad things will have occured in your life. This would appear to be the easier choice.
not really, that wouldnt happen

Originally posted by raVen_image:
But ...but, is life supposed to be easy? Don't we need the "BAD" to weigh the "GOOD" against. If everything "bad" happens in one day, could we ever enjoy life again? All other subsequent events ....being good ...would become very mundane, without bad things to measure them against. Life would become very meaningless.

And, we also need to consider the overall picture. What we interpret as "BAD" can be a forerunner to "GOOD". Case in point:

I lost my job four years ago due to cut-backs. This was a "bad" time for me. But, the job I attained next introduced me to my current girlfriend--a very GOOD thing. Had I not lost that job, I would never have met Molly. In hindsight, I am very glad that I lost that job. I'm much happier with my life than before.
good point, but goods dont necessarily come because of bad things. in that case, u could have met ur girlfriend in other situation, not necessarily by losing your job. also, there is little probability (it happens though) of that to happen, since there are 1000 jobs in the world, +-250 w girls that u would have a relationship, and less than that w girls that u would marry, which dont need to coincide w the ones u can get into.

Originally posted by raVen_image:
We also need to consider that we learn more through failure than success. Winning feels good, but it is losing that exposes ourselves TO ourselves. If all the failures happened in one moment, all we would learn is contained in that moment. We would blunder through the rest of our lives gaining no more insight. Again, life would become meaningless.
well, usually ignorance leads to bad things, which is bad, and bad stuff dont happen twice in this situation murta proposed, so theres this paradox thing...

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