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Post Join me in me Attempt to become World Prime Minister!

Natty: (1:45 PM) ya really reckon you're a 90% chance of becoming prime minister one day?
Fender: (1:46 PM) Nope, an hionest prime Minister.
Fender: (1:46 PM) The people will love me!
Natty: (1:47 PM) i know they will
Fender: (1:48 PM) And Tony blair will hate me!
Natty: (1:48 PM) awww why?
Fender: (1:50 PM) Because I'll beat himn in the election!
Natty: (1:51 PM) huh?
Fender: (1:51 PM) I'm gonna beat him in a general election!
Natty: (1:52 PM) oh ok
Fender: (1:52 PM) I'll be the first male Prime Minister since Winston Churchill!
Natty: (1:54 PM) hehehehehe
Fender: (1:54 PM) thats *counts on fingers* 55 years!
Natty: (1:55 PM) hmmmm
Fender: (1:55 PM) What you hmming about. Ok, I'll be the first m,ale Prime Minister since Maggie Thatcher!
Natty: (1:57 PM) oooookay, you sure you dont wanna be PM of australia?
Fender: (1:57 PM) WHy? You want me to?
Fender: (1:57 PM) I could be the Prime Minister of the World!
Natty: (1:57 PM) a better job than what our currant PM does
Natty: (1:58 PM) ohhhh there's an idea
Fender: (1:58 PM) what does he do?
Natty: (1:58 PM) a really crappy job
Fender: (1:59 PM) So you think I should be pM of the world? great!
Natty: (1:59 PM) yeah
Fender: (2:00 PM) I think I'll post that remark!
Natty: (2:00 PM) lol
Fender: (2:00 PM) Maybe the whole convo!
Natty: (2:01 PM) hi everyone Fender is posting this whole convo, so i'm taking the oppertunity to say hello to everyone *smoochies*
Fender: (2:01 PM) OK, so back to world domination..........

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