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Anyone has gotta be a better and more honest politition than Australia's currant Prime Minister. Let's see, he promised we'd never have a GST, and we now have a GST (although that was also partly thanx to that bytch from the democrats, whatever her name was) But they also promised that gas, electricity, bread, milk and fresh fruit and vegies wouldn't be taxed, and they were. Now they have the nerve to say that funerals should have a GST on them. The private schools get more funding a year, and as a result the public schools suffer. The health system is shyte, that doesn't get enough funding, hospitals are closing down, major waiting lists to get a bed (also applys to nursing homes)

But now that the government realize how crap they are, they're backflipping on election stuff, trying to buy votes (like giving pensioners a one off bonus of $300, that was nice of them too bad no one fell for it)

Ahhhh bless the election, I gotta vote this year I don't understand politics. This country is screwed up, I'm sure anyone could do a better job than John Howard, even Fender

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