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"If I did not wish to establish a temperary partnership with your master, you head would already be rolling away from you. But if you continue, I will be forced to enslave you all and the planet. Though I will leave Malus intact, he may still be of use. Now, if you don't mind, I'll be controlling that republic leader and convincing him to give up his armies to me and/or us depending on Malus's desicion."

Lord Konohomaru disects the republic leader's mind and discovers his mental weaknesses.

"You want to give me you army. You also want to become my general and lead them against the republic." Lord Konohomaru said to the republic leader.

*BTW who is controling the republic leader?*

"Let the leader go, I have read his thoughts, he plans to releive his armies to me/us and command them against the republic. Arken, you would never be fit to be a sith lord. You are jest a crazed dark jedi with a bloodlust. So much so that you would underestimate a former sith lord that was TOO powerful for his army who fled in terror, yet they will rejoin me anyway eventually."

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