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This walkthrough is brilliant, as is the "Complete Influence Guide" Excel data file, which is exceptionally detailed. The only thing I have not been able to achieve is to gain influence with atton with the following line on the "Places" section:

Khoonda Plains
An Old Mechanic
[Persuade] You shouldn't keep your frustrations bottled inside.
Yeah, sometimes it seems nothing works around here. But I don't have time to complain. Too much work to do!"

Sorry if that format is confusing, I copied it straight from the spreadsheet, but basically its gaining influence with Atton over the Old Mechanic next to the Ebon Hawk by noticing how "Busy" he is. I have never been able to achieve this with Atton, but I have with Kriea. I have the PC version of the game, so Im wondering if this is an XBox only thing or yet another bug in the game... or if other people actually get this, and if so how. I have enough awareness to notice he is busy, and I have tried with only Atton in my party and others in the party as well.


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