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Originally Posted by scabb
It just means everybody secretly loves the cheeky girls.

Besides, I think the point is that you can whistle 10 notes of a John Williams theme, and plenty of people will know that it's Superman or Star Wars or Indy blah etc. Same applies to Koji Kondo with Mario or Zelda. They can both create memorable, catchy little pieces of music that don't become too irritating after you hear them for the zillionth time.
Yeah, and besides that, there's no denying that the Super Mario series is one of the most popular series of all time. In some places, I would wager that Mario is more widely recognized than Mickey Mouse. Another thing is that the critics of both Kondo and Williams say similar things, that all their themes sound alike, that they mainly stay in particular styles and rarely vary from them, etc. I'm not sure if anyone's accused Kondo of ripping off Gustav Holst in all of his scores, but you never know.

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