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So let's see how each modifier works (good time to save your work) .

Select the “Editable Mesh” with the left mouse button, say yes to the warning, and click on the “+” icon beside the “Editable Mesh” modifier name. You will have a list that what can be selected and modified on the model.

Select the “Vertex” (selection mode) and you will see blue points all over the model, they are the model's vertices. If the vertices are blue it means they are deselected, when they are selected they are shown as red.

To select a vertex or any other geometry (once its selection mode is selected) you just need to left click on it or create a box with the left mouse button. Once a few are selected you need to press the CTRL key to select more or the ALT key to deselect some of them. If you want to view the edges too you can activate /deactivate it pressing the F4 key.

Under the modifier stack there are some options and tools to select and manipulate the geometry. It is a long panel that can be moved up and down with the mouse when the mouse icon turns to a hand.

The first part of it is “Selections” options.

There is a row of icons, they are “Vertex”, “Edges”, “Face”, “Polygon” and “Element”, you can activate them here or use the list under “Editable Mesh” modifier.

To select a polygon you need to use the “Face” or “Polygon” selection and click on the polygon, only its borders will show selected in red.

Some meshes like the torso is composed of many separated pieces of meshes, you can see the pieces using the “Element” selection, all the polygons of the separated piece are shown.

By selecting the elements of the torso mesh we see that it is one mesh composed of many smaller separated pieces.

This separation is important when you don't want all your model to be smoothed. All the edges of connected faces are rendered by the game as smooth, and the disconnected ones have a hard edge where it is not connected. Those hard edges are good for separate different pieces of cloth of the model.

In this Carth model, for example, you can see this seam in his arms because there is a cut necessary for the uvmap, and as Mdlops don't use the “smooth group” information from Gmax yet it can not be smoothed, so we get those seams, all the other faces of the model are connected so it is smoothed, there is no hard edges.

Let's see the elements of our new mesh... click in the “Editable Mesh” modifier to disable the mesh editing, hide the mesh and unhide the new model.

Here in the modifier list we have only the “Editable Mesh” modifier, click on it and select “Element”.

Now click over the model to select its elements.

In this case due to the export/import when we select its pieces we only get one face (the face we clicked over), it means that in each face its vertices are not connected with the vertices of their neighbour faces, it will require some modeling to weld all those vertices together and separate the pieces. If we put this model in the game as it is we would see a seam around each face.


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