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3.2 Basics of Modeling.

Once we have some element selected (i.e. vertices, edges, face, polygon or elements) we can move, rotate or scale them, using the appropriate icon from the upper toolbar.

With some element selected we activate the “Select and Move” (cross arrows) icon, clicking and holding on the selected element and moving the mouse we can move the selected element.

If you want more control over the movement, like controlling in which axis or plane to move, you can use the the icons “X” (shortcut key F5), “Y” (shortcut key F6), “Z” (shortcut key F7), to restrict the movement on those axis, or use “XY” icon and all the plane options from the “XY” icon to restrict the movement on the planes (the shortcut key F8 will cycle through all the plane restrictions) after the element you want to move is selected and the “Select and Move” icon is activated.

Instead of using the axis and planes restrictions we can use the “Transform Gizmo”, if it is not activated yet you can activate it selecting the menu “Customize” and “Preferences”, it will open the “Preferences Settings” dialog box, select the “Viewports” tab and in the bottom check the “On” in the “Transform Gizmo”. Now you will see a XYZ colored axis when you select something, and now when you put the mouse over one of the axis it will turn orange and if you click and move the mouse the selection will move only on the orange axis direction.

You can restrict the gizmo by the planes too, by passing the mouse over the corner of the plane formed by two axis it will turn orange and then you just hold the mouse button and move. Even using the gizmo you can still call the restrictions using the icons or shortcuts.

To do a rotation you need not only select the element but define around what it will rotate, it is defined by the icon on the left of the “X” axis restriction icon. The default is “Use Pivot Point Center”, it will rotate using the center point of each element selected, if they are connected they will behave as one big block.

But you have more options when clicking on the icon and holding it a little, “Use selection Center”, that will use the center of all the selections as a rotation point, and “Use Transform Coordinate Center”, that will use the pivot of the model as a rotation point, but as it is parented to the big helper on the floor it will be big helper's center, on the 0, 0, 0 coordinate. Once the rotation point is selected, it works the same way as moving, you select the element, select the restriction by using the icons, shortcut, or the gizmo and click move the mouse, it will rotate around the axis/plane selected.

To scale the elements you need to specify again define the point around which it will happen, using the same icons we used for the rotation, then you will be able to scale the elements as separated entities using the “Use Pivot Point Center”, approach or keep them away using the “Use selection Center”, or approach or keep them away from the model pivot point using the “Use Transform Coordinate Center”.

The scaling tool has some options, the default is the “Select and Uniform Scale”, that will scale the same amount to all axis direction, once this option is selected you can not restrict any axis or plane. The “Select and Non-Uniform Scale” that works like restricting one axis, it will scale on only one this axis direction, and you select the axis using the restriction icon, shortcuts or the gizmo . And the “Select and Squash”, that works like restriction on a plane the scale will happens only on the plane directions, and you select which plane by the restriction icon, shortcut or gizmo.

Only by selecting and moving vertex you can make some small changes on the model, and if you do only that without changing the number of vertices you could use Taina's Replacer to export the model to the game. But to make bigger changes as we are going to do here we will need to know some modeling tools, so we are back to the modifier list and the “Selection” parameters.


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