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Bellow the icons there are some selection parameters. When the “By Vertex” is checked means that when you are not using “Vertex” selection, if you select a vertex all the elements around it will be selected too, for example, you are on “Edge” selection and if you click on a vertex all the edges around that vertex will be selected. Remember to deselect it to be able to select only the edges...

When the “Ignore Background” is checked you can only select elements that you see, when it is not checked you can select elements that are behind the model too... we will be checking and unchecking this parameter a lot when modeling! The “Hide” and “Unhide All” are very useful too, it will allow you to model more freely without worry with selecting/moving/deleting parts of the mesh by mistake... just select the part of the mesh you don't want to see or manipulate and click the “Hide” button, to turn it back just click the “Unhide All”

The next is “Soft Selection” which we will not use here, when you activate it and select a vertex, all the vertices around it will be selected too, but by different weights that depends of its distance from the vertex selected, and when you move the selected vertex, the others will follow, depending of its weights.

Then we have “Edit Geometry”, we will use it a lot for modeling, and because it changes the number of vertices we won't be able to use Taina's Replacer, but MDLops.

Another thing that happens when changing the number of vertices is that some bone information is recalculated and most of times it doesn't work good, but we will be able to fix it.

The tools that are enabled and disabled depends of the selection mode we are using, some tools only works for “Vertex” others only for “Edge”. “Create” and “Delete”... well... it creates and deletes elements we are working with. To create a vertex, in the “Vertex” selection, you need just activate the “Create” button and click on the 3d scene.

To create a face in “Face” selection, you need to click on the 3d scene two times to make a triangle, and to create a polygon, in “Polygon” selection, you need to place the last vertex in the the same place as the first to close it, when you are closing a hole on the mesh using a polygon you need to build it anti-clockwise.

To delete you first select what you want to delete and click the “Delete” button.

The “Weld” is only enabled when we have vertex selected, it is used to glue vertices together, first we select the vertices we want to glue, then we click “Selected”.

f the Weld warning appears it is because the vertices are not within the range of 0,1 that is the default for Gmax.

Let's change it to 3, and try again, now our vertices are glued together. Be careful though, it can remove details of the mesh if you don't notice that you have selected them, or put a high value here.


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