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which ones are exactly?

my mod adds 10 and it still works fine, and 2 systeminfo cvars.

Email: Not Needed
URL: Not Needed
ojp_cutscenes: Not Needed
g_allowBotLimit: Not Needed
g_maxBots: Not Needed
g_minHumans: Not Needed

This is just what i could see from meatgrinder running on basic in ASE.

edit: from latest cvs update:

g_saberDamageScale: Not Needed
g_saberanimspeed: Why is this both SERVERINFO and SYSTEMINFO ? they can both be accessed via client if you want to.
sv_fps: Should be kept as base style and you really shouldn't set it higher than 20 because it messes with things other than the lightning bug that was fixed.
ojp_allowBodyDodge: Not Needed

iojamp project lead / coder

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