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"Interesting, how long have you been a sith? You still seem to speak like a jedi. As for underestimating you, one's mind does not always agree with one's words. I am aware of your skill and it cooresponce to mine."

"AAAAARRRRGGGGG!!!!!!!!!" Lord Konohomaru screames out in pain as he see's a very painful vision. "NO, NOOO, NOOOOOOOOO!!! This cannot be true, it is not possible. He is coming here. HE IS COMING!!! Darth Revan is coming here!!! No not him it cannot be, he was defeated. HE DIED!!! ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL SITH IN HISTORY IS COMING HERE, TO THIS VERY PLANET!!! No, it is not him, but one of his bloodline. None-the-less, one related to both Bastila and Revan can only be a very powerful jedi. Though I am the only one that invisionized this, I feel I am not the only one that sensed that disterbance in the force from him as well."

"LK to LKF, tell my new apprentice to meet me here."
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