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If you don't count the admittedly creepy slash she writes at times, her writing is otherwise good (Orange Haze was one of my favorite stories of hers). But it's like she dissapeared from the section. I haven't seen her on FF for 3 weeks, and in the world of fanfiction, that's a very long time. I remember this one girl ...Lily23 that was also once real active and then just vanished. I got a review from her for a story I wrote and I was like, "huh...I thought she'd 'retired'".

Sometimes you wonder if the writers just die. And it does happen, no joke. Someone had left me a review(Rock-California maybe?), and I clicked on their profile. They had one story, and not for the section. It seemed outragiously popular according to the review count. So I clicked, and if you read from a certain page, you saw the review someone left, more like a flame. The rest of the reviews were defending the writer and flaming to the flamer. The flamer in question apologized, and the writer forgave. But then...the person's name changed to Raynsolderborther or something, and in his review he wrote of how Rayn or something like that was sorry for flaming, and that she had cancer and had passed away on a Monday. It wa admittedly sad and I didn't even know her. I clicked on the profile, and sure enough, people had taken over her stories to finish them off.
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